The North Face


Let's keep doing

things we can not do

There was a time when I couldn't choose which mountain to climb. 

Not even considering whether I should climb it 


Time when my hands were perfect

to do what I didn't choose to.


And my feet tired. Of walking what I didn't decide to walk.


There was a time when being a mother was not a choice, 

Neither was working. 


Time for me, but without being able to spend it or waste it. 


There was a time when rights spoke only for one gender. 

As did pants and sports.


Time when I shouldn't have played with balls. 

Neither should I have had them. 


There was a time when I couldn't give up.

Nor could I let go of what did me wrong, 

without letting go what was good for me. 


Time when I didn't have the right to do all this, 

but i did it anyway. 


Getting to the top. 

Let’s keep doing things we can't do.


Andrea Blanco


Andy Cruz